Software is not only my commercial interest; sometimes I use to play with software privately, mostly using JAVA, HTML and XML. All those toys are running completely under S.u.S.E. Linux; WindBlows or similar stuff is a "Don't" !

M$ free
Micro$oft is not the answer,
Micro$oft is the question,
the answer is: No !

Homepage in XML

In a private project I wrote my complete homepage with all its foreign language versions into a single XML file using a homemade DTD. This XML file is read by a JAVA application which converts it to specific HTML files in a given language (german, english, spanish, portuguese, french or italian). This concept is suitable for constructing and maintaining homepages in different language versions and can easily be expanded to other languages. I don't speak all these languages mentioned above; for realization I got a lot of help by used by Netscape in Navigator 6. For those who are interested, here is my XML file: tohobi.xml


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  • tohobi.xml: Mo, 12. Dez 2011